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Surviving an Impromptu Getaway with only the clothes on your back.

Surviving an Impromptu Getaway with only the clothes on your back.

It's Summer time and nothing says summer like spontaneous weekend getaways. I was recently invited away with friends and learned a few lessons in always being prepared. 

The Key here is Functionality... and being somewhat prepared when your friends say "come stay the night" which turns into a fun filled 3 day weekend getaway. 


Here are a few items I won't leave the house without. 

1. My Rain Jacket

Mine is a Burberry Rain Jacket with a detachable hood and lining. It's practical for an unexpected summer thunderstorm and yet could be worn out to dinner as a casual statement piece.  I always keep it in the car so I don't get caught in the rain without it.

2. Comfy Sneakers

I like to always keep a pair of kicks that are good for a quick game of ball but also I can get away with wearing to a low key dinner. I own a pair of High-Top Blazers and I rock them with the laces out.

I wear them every weekend, all summer long and they're a winner.

3. The Transitional T

A Sportswear T such as this one from Scotch & Soda is a high level wearable piece. I could wear this from the bedroom, to breakfast, toss in the wash and iron it before dinner. I literally wore this shirt for 3 days and felt ever so comfortable all day. 

4. Convertible Trunk

A Modern slightly shorter truck that works seaside to pool side and can be paired with a polo and worn for a night of fun on the boardwalk. 

5. An Unstructured Baseball Cap

I have this Brooklyn Eagles ball cap that looks about 20 years old but still smells like when I bought it from JCrew a couple months ago.

I'll tell you why I love it.

Even though I'm a hair stylist the last thing I'm thinking about when I'm on the beach is styling my hair.  So, I toss my unstructured vintage cap on and smooth sailing. I look like I got my stuff together but don't look like I'm trying to hard. Aside from being an effortless statement it also perfectly molds my salt water waves into a party of personality. In case I lost you, because the hat isn't structured, the combination of the salt water and pressure from the hat keeps my hair matted down and ready to style before going out to dinner. I'm not blow drying my hair on vacation, so I let the cap do the work for me. :)

6. Cargo Pants

Yes, I said cargo pants! Find yourself a pair of slimmer cargo like these from RRL. These are Funk-tional in every sense of the word. They look cool, are breathable so they'll feel cool and perfect for a mid summer night stroll. They also help me keep all my belonging safe and sound while playing a symphony of jingles when I walk.  Cargos are like having small purses attached to your legs. I keep my wallet, keys, phone, maps, gum, snacks, utility knife and still have room to shove a water bottle if I have to. 

My favorite are the drawstrings at the bottom which come in handy if you take an unexpected walk on the beach.

Having all these items are like being prepared without even knowing! That's how I survived an impromptu weekend getaway. 

(Disclaimer: I did buy a toothbrush and clean underwear, in case you were wondering. lol)

"Life's an Adventure, Enjoy the Ride!" -Manolo Padron

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